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Although it was founded in 2008, the founder of our company since 1987, taking an active trade with the textile industry in the manufacture of washing there, and in particular has experience in all branches of manufacturing.
The most important feature of the day to follow the trend of new products to the consumer to be in operation on the occasion of a new model sunmaktır.Her day collect a big hit with our customers.
Believe Textile never compromise on quality, certainly not avoid making a continuous investment to produce better. As a company, both raw materials and production equipment of our products do not stop to making every innovation, our company is committed to professionalism.
Our care is the ultimate consumer satisfaction, maximum fullest extent. Walks of life regardless of what the consumer goods made ​​from quality control to produce necessarily the most important goal of our company.
Our company employees to work with you for many years by association of ideas and effort aims to achieve maximum synergy, and this cause does not avoid any self-sacrifice.
The good, the beauty, truth, peace together, hoping to catch up ...
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